Geisha Blog


Geisha Blog

The streamlined convergence of tradition and technology is one of Japan?s trademarks. The blog is about this country?s success in merging the two and everything else that has to do with The Land of the Rising Sun. The author?s knowledge of the culture and philosophy of Japan is very impressive.

Visual Aesthetics ? 8

Looking at the site was pure delight. I would attribute this to the clean, subdued and fresh look that the blog gives off when you look at the color and pictures found in it. Simple yet elegant.

User Friendliness ? 8

The archives and other links are neatly stacked on the right side, ever present and always within reach. It was very easy to navigate around and the clear-cut categories act like a map for the reader.

Reading Enjoyment ? 9

It was a real joy to read Geisha Blog. I particularly enjoyed the entries in the culture category since it talked about traditions in the country that are not so well known. The recent Godzilla and Gundam entries are of course a treat to Japanese pop culture enthusiasts.

Useful Info ? 9

Japan?s heritage is a source of pride for its people. Reading this blog will make you understand and feel that pride brimming from the country?s rich culture and traditions. If you?re planning to travel or just interested to know about Japan, this site will get you started on what you need to know.

Overall Experience ? 9

The substance rich content is definitely the blog?s strong suit. I?m anticipating more good stuff coming from the writer in the near future. Bookmarked it is.