Single Independent Sistah

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Single Independent Sistah
Single Independent Sistah – also known as SIS – is the term used to describe a “black, professional female who is single and dealing with the solo life.” And that’s what Sistah1, the brains behind this blog, is all about. With her blog, she aims to reach out to her fellow SIS and chronicle her own journey as well.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
I love the visuals!!! Sistah1 was able to make use of a dark theme without overdoing it. The background isn’t just one shade of black, which makes it easier on the eyes. The other elements of the blog – header, font colors, and photos – all come together very well to make for a very pleasant visual experience.

User Friendliness – 9
Navigating Single Independent Sistah is such an easy task that you don’t really have anything negative to say. The pages load up with no problems at all, and all the links (blogroll, posts, tags, etc.) are easily located in the right column. One minor suggestion: maybe add in-post links that will lead readers to more information on key topics covered?

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Sistah1 writes very well that I couldn’t help but enjoy going through the posts. Her topics are well-chosen, and I found myself nodding every now and then as I was reading. Oh, mind you, I doubt I can be classified as a SIS but I still enjoyed the blog!

Useful Info – 10
To be honest, I didn’t think I’d find a lot of useful information at first. As I went from one blog post to another, however, I found myself being proven wrong. Women listen up: you’ll be getting a LOT of tips, advice, and insights from this blog. Heck, even men can learn a thing or two!

Overall Experience – 9
This blog should be in your bookmark. Relationships, career, self-realization – all these and more are what you’ll find in Single Independent Sistah. Whether you’re a SIS or not, I think you ought to pay this blog a visit.


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  1. I love this blog! Although I’m married, I find the information quite useful for those I meet who aren’t married. Sistah1 has timely commentary and it encourages me to encourage my single sisters around me who are single. While having a plus one is helpful, it’s also important to know, as my mother told me, a man does not make you whole.

    SIS empowers, enlightens, inspires, and provides a perspective that helps single sisters to just breath knowing that there is an advocate for them.