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PKIA Scarlett
Princess Know It All
One look at the title of the blog Princess Know It All made me decide that I am going to feature it here on Bloggy Award. Girls, haven’t we all been called this at least once in our lives? The blog is more than “knowing it all,” though. It’s about the quest of one “princess” to find out more about life and live it, too!

Visual Aesthetics – 10
The visuals are fit for a princess, literally! There is a lot of pink, but I love how the blogger was able to make it mix with other shades AND black! There are lots of images that make the whole blog’s look really lively.

User Friendliness – 8
Despite the huge amount of images (and text, actually) in the blog, I didn’t encounter any problems with load times. In fact, the posts that I went through loaded up in no time at all. I did have a problem with the music, though. I tried listening to David Bowie’s Changes, but it just wouldn’t play for me! 🙁

I would also suggest more navigation links that will help the reader. An archives section and a comprehensive label/category section will help much!

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Yup, this is a strong point of Princess Know It All. Even those of who may not normally like long text would probably have a good time reading Princess Know It All. The topics are quite easy to relate to and the blogger’s passion just shines through.

Useful Info – 10
From travel tips (this girl knows how to do it!) to standing your ground as a woman – you’ll find all sorts of useful information in Princess Know It All. Definitely perfect in this regard.

Overall Experience – 9
Princess Know It All, I think, should be in the blog roll of all like minded women out there. This blog is refreshingly honest and simply fun.



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  1. Yahoo!!!
    I’m so honored and excited for this wonderful review, it’s a gift to read such kind words about PKIA!
    I’m crossing my fingers…

  2. Dear Noemi,
    What a great review…Princess Know It All has personally inspired and guided me and i check the site at least once a day for my daily fix of style and beauty tips, advice from the dear PKIA section or to check out one of her newest recipes…of course her personal story, which to me is the red thread throughout the whole site, makes me feel as though i am a part of her personal journey…
    With appreciation,

  3. I’ve been reading PKIA since it started – it’s been a couple years now! PKIA has me rolling with laughter at her hysterically sassy humor and sitting with tears streaming down my face with her poignant deep insights into life and all of life’s experiences and adventures. And I love her recipes for ancestral cooking and groovy fashion style tips! She has definitely got it going on!!

  4. I am so proud of you PKIA and I am doing the dance with you!!! From the moment I met you and started reading your blog I was hooked; not only to your writing and your crazy ways but also to your honesty and kindness. You go girl!! and kick some ass… We are proud of you and keep going, you are an inspiration to many.


  5. I was delighted to see that you gave “PKIA” a 10 on Visual Aesthetics! “Lively” indeed, totally engaging and entertaining as well as informative and heartwarming.

    Love, love everything about this blog, Princess herself and all the amazingly talented folks she’s brought together to create and deliver this unique and wonderful place for so many of us to come to.

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  8. I LOVE Princess Know it All’s blog!! It’s so unique and offers some really great information in a fun, intriguing way. Yay for PKIA!!

  9. Love, Love, Love PKIA!!!! Such humorous, uplifting and make-you-take-a-look- in the mirror blog! Even those of us that are a little past the “princess” age enjoy Mee’s writings. I eagerly look forward to all of her new entries!

  10. PKIA, is not only refreshing, alive, in touch, vivid, funny, witty and so near.
    It has the ability to give you a lesson that reaches in the up most of each and every one it touches.
    Mee, is someone to embrace and keep as the best journey companion ever.
    She is someone that every woman wants to be, and it is not difficult to accomplish, she is the real thing.

    I love to read her in English and Spanish, makes me laugh, and cry at the same time. Love it!

  11. I was fortunate to meet Mee today while we were getting our nails done. We talked about kids, school, her living in Malibu in Mexico, and I felt an instant connection with her! We discussed our work and that’s when I found out she is a writer and, lucky for me, she had one business card left in her purse. I couldn’t wait to get home to read her blog, and I love it! I’ll tap into her site daily to see what’s new. In the meantime, I hope she wins the award.

  12. Wow – you got a lot of love comin’ your way! My pleasure to review such a blog. Thanks for reading the review, guys!

  13. A positive update!
    We are working on the music problem and adding better organized archives..As I grow so does my site, Princess Know It All is all about transformation!
    Once again thanks for all the love PKIA fans and Noemi for give us such a rockin’ shout out!

  14. What exactly seriously influenced u to create
    _Princess Know It All_? I actuallyseriously liked the post!
    Many thanks -Karol