Shifting to Sustainable Energy


There is a growing awareness about the need for more sustainable sources of power. However, up to this day, most homes are still powered by gas and electricity.

This is understandable since gas and electricity are also the most readily available power sources. And though there are more environmental friendly alternatives, most people either don’t have the know how to be able to shift to these alternatives, or don’t have the money to do so at once.

The good news is that more and more electricity providers are realizing that there really is a need to shift to more sustainable sources of power, and are doing their part to slowly help people make the shift as well. Instead of simply supplying gas and electric power, they are diversifying their services to selling and even installing solar panel systems. Electric companies are also encouraging consumers to help ease the burden on the power grid during peak hours by offering special rates to those that use more energy during off-peak hours and weekends. Some even get rebates for plugging into the electric grid and allowing power companies to tap into their stored power when needed.

This are small but very significant steps towards changing the future pattern of energy use in the world. If you wish to do your part and learn more about electric consumption and ways to do it in a more environmental friendly manner, you can visit Remember, the shift to sustainable energy will only happen if consumers embrace it.


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  1. Interesting initiative noemi. Although, I remember reading that electric cars were being taken off the market by the top bananas of the car industry in order to maintain their monopoly… is that true?

    And yes, there would be a great difference in the world if the vast majority of households implemented solar panels as an extra-energy source… but that will probably not happen, sadly… unless mankind eventually faces an energy crisis where ALL persons in the world are being directly affected.

    Thanks for sharing noemi! 😀