Is this really a blog? “We do the surfing so you dont have to” Roberdo’s tagline declares, and this particular site has opinions which don’t seem to come in the written word, but in the form of one-to-two-liners that describe the bulk of its content ? photos, videos and games.

Visual Aesthetics ? 4

The site is stuck in the season of Christmas complete with snow, blinking lights and that Santa hat. The large variety of pictures are interesting enough though.

User Friendliness ?4

It takes a while for the pictures and videos to load. Depending on your connection, the video section could take a lot of patience.

Reading Enjoyment ? 4

There isn?t much to read, but visually there are lots to keep busy with. Short comments are placed under the pictures and videos, though some of the graphics already speak for themselves. The thing is, for a site that?s half-a-year old, one would expect quite a bit more.

User Info ? 3

News and trivia fills this site, but even then, there is little of what we wouldn’t find on CNN. Glossy photos and a couple of games, plus a few videos that take long to download. Thanks for the tip but what else is there?

Overall Experience ? 4

It?s good to know that there are interesting pictures, videos and games out there, but this blog pales in comparison to many other sites that have the same info. The concept could have worked, but sadly this site is bereft of content and lacking in excitement.