Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta

Matt has voluminous material and never seems to run out of views and comments. About 80% are virtual meanderings, mostly as a result of his comments on blogs which catch his attention. Although his writings show his great love for exploring outdoors especially rivers and streams, his journal shows more love for searching blogs focused on the human spirit and psyche, whether uplifting or insulting. ?

Visual Aesthetics ? 7

White text on black is indeed quite taxing on the eyes. But his choice of pictures makes his writing entertaining. The design looks very busy though and quite tiring to look at. It takes patience and perseverance to review. The reader may need to have his eyes checked and his eyeglasses refracted after perusing his work .

User Friendliness ? 8

The links readily connect to the resource Matt points out. The scroll down feature organizes topics easily for easy scrutiny. Archiving past blogs catalogued by month is a good touch. Considering how voluminous Matt?s material is, it is frightening to think how his site would look otherwise.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

His meanderings are highly varied and rich in content. His humor is rather dark though. He could also be more tolerant and less reactive to criticisms from others. He should consider their attention flattering rather than ?threatening? to sue them. But that part is highly entertaining.

User Info ? 9

His work is a good starting point for those in search of blogs worth reading. Of course, the reader would have to agree first with Matt?s criteria, as well as have the patience to go through some rather long prose just to get a feel of Matt?s inclinations and preferences. His information on rivers supported by pictures is impressive. But his travel experiences seem to focus on rather suspicious characters one would rather avoid.

Overall Experience ? 8

Highly informative and very user friendly, its organization is worth commending. But the blog is very busy and can be quite an eyesore. You would have to be a very patient person to go through some of his entries.