This highly personal and original blog is well worth a visit. It revolves around the concept of the author’s “signus” drawings, with each drawing representing a zodiac sign.

Visual Aesthetics ? 10

Really superb. The black background goes very well with the paper drawings, which come across with an amazingly authentic and timeless feel. Whether one likes the actual drawings of the author or not, the blog visuals are harmonious and striking.

User Friendliness ? 8

Fine. Quick and easy. Each picture blows up into a separate window as an Image Shack url.

Reading Enjoyment ? 7

The blog is all about the drawings, so much not to read. Having said this, what the author does write is always good- honest, humble, sensitive and imaginative.

User Info ? 7

Again, it’s in the drawings…which, being fairly “realistic”, are quite informative in themselves.

Overall Experience ? 8

I really like this blog. There is an intensity about it that makes me feel the author could go far, much further than he realises- and that somehow there is some self-confidence lacking. Two things needed: more regular updating and more writing. Understandably, one can’t expect the author to come up with a unique drawing every day- but I feel that the blog is ready to go one step further and the drawings (which I do like in their naivety) are not in fact needed for all posts. Not quite a Bloggy winner, but very nearly.