Quality Crash Tests

Quality Crash Tests

Quality Crash Tests is all about Bruce ? a guy?s guy and a music lover who makes a dry read of his everyday life, sprinkled with a good fat dose of useful links. Definitely a blog for music lovers and techies everywhere.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The design was creatively done, reminiscent of graffiti street art. The color scheme worked really well and the layout was very simple but effective. The only problem is the tiny font size that makes the words hard to read.

User Friendliness – 8

The simple layout makes it very easy to navigate. There are links to the different features the site offers both at the top and bottom of the page lessening the need for the reader to scroll back to the top. There is a problem however with the links on the top since it responds slowly. There are some pages which are still “under construction”, so be warned!

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Although the blog is informative it may not appeal to a wide range of readers. The posts were mostly links with a few comments on the blogger?s part. Some entries had the tendency to go on on far too long, but for those who enjoy a bit of voyeurism, check out Bruce’s photo album for a candid glimpse into the life behind Crash Tests.

Useful Info – 9

Lots and lots of info. There?s a little something for everybody ? a discount offer he?ll share to others, news clips, a video clip of Natalie Portman, cool links, lots of music and geek info, and even vocabulary words!

Overall Experience – 8

This blog has a distinct, cool look, and although you’d probably have to know Bruce to enjoy his personal diary, this blog is well worth the visit for its links and music.