Prose, DC

Prose, DC
Prose, DC
A personal blog of a very personal nature – that’s how one can describe Prose, DC, which is maintained by Daniel Cosentino, an artist and educator in Rochester, NY. Prose, DC is actually a blog that “follows my thoughts and fears as I finish an MFA degree, negotiate divorce, build relationships and otherwise make an ass out of myself from pure desperation, love, hate, boredom, fear and an honest unabashed search for meaning.”

Visual Aesthetics – 7
A black, red, gray, and brown header with plain text does not make much for visual aesthetics. More so, the blog is mainly made up of huge blocks of text, which is not exactly eye candy. However, as Daniel himself says, the blog is all about prose and stories and ideas – the visuals are what you conjure up in your head.

User Friendliness – 9
Prose, DC is quite easy to navigate and very well organized. The only drawback is having to read the long blocks of text, which, as I said earlier comes with the whole idea of the blog.

Reading Enjoyment – 7
Daniel reveals his thoughts and passions in his writing – there is no doubt about that. Perhaps the topics are just not my cup of tea but I didn’t really enjoy reading through the posts. His readers, of course, would disagree as they show their appreciation in their comments. Each to his own.

Useful Info – 5
There isn’t really much by way of useful information in Prose, DC.

Overall Experience – 7
If this type of literary work is your kind of thing, then you would enjoy Prose, DC. I suggest at least a visit and determine for yourself.

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  1. Hey, I just found this while shamefully googling my posts. I like it, it’s honest. Suggestion however, look deeper, even you. Cheers, DC.