boom cat
As catchy as a blog name can be – that’s Boom-cat! for you. I didn’t have an inkling what the blog was about when I first saw the blog name – but that, I suppose, is part of its attraction. It turns out to be a personal blog with a sprinkling of insights into the life of a “college student turned entry-level employee in New York.”

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Cat has a few photos on her blog that makes for some eye candy but the blog posts are generally long and hurts the eyes when you read for a long period of time. Maybe a little chopping up of paragraphs would help.

User Friendliness – 10
Boom-cat! is well organized, making it easy for any reader to find specific posts. Links are neatly lined up on the right hand column, together with some helpful information about the blogger and the blog name.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
There is a wide variety of topics covered in Boom-cat!, some of which are interesting and enjoyable while others are just plain difficult to read – or maybe I just don’t have the smarts to fully understand those posts. In any case, I still think that shorter posts – or at least chopped up entries – would make the blog a more enjoyable read.

Useful Info – 9
There are a lot of things that you could pick up from the blog – from student tips to insights on a working person’s life.

Overall Experience – 8
Overall, I would say that Boom-cat! is worth a visit or two.

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