Polished Princess

Polished Princess
Polished Princess is the blog of a 26-year-old chemical operator based in Tennessee. She works with chemicals that are used in manufacturing – you guessed it – nail polish; hence the full title of her blog – Polished Princess: A Nail Polish Blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Definitely a strong point for Polished Princess, the visuals practically jump out of the pages. The posts are full of photos which support the text and the overall theme of the blog. It has a header, which I think could be more “polish oriented” but perhaps there are limitations because of the template?

User Friendliness – 7
I didn’t have any problems with load time, in spite of the number of photos in the blog. I have a couple of suggestions to make it more user friendly, though. One, change the location of the Archives and add a labels section. These can be both placed higher up on the page for easier access. Two, add relevant links within the blog posts. For posts with specific brands of nail polish, it would be good to be able to visit online shops and official web sites featuring them.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
To be honest, I am not the nail polish kind of girl, but I can see that the posts in Polished Princess will provide a LOT of enjoyment to those who are into this thing. The blogger’s passion for the topic really shines through!

Useful Info – 10
LOTS of practical information can be found here. If you are looking for ideas on nail polish brands, colors, and techniques, you might not find anything better than Polished Princess.

Overall Experience – 9
Polished Princess is a MUST for people who are looking for all sorts of information on nail polish and everything else that has got something to do with it. Pictures and text gel very well together to give the reader an enjoyable and useful experience!



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