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Luxe Models

As a young lady wanting to discover new stuff in the world of modelling and fashion, I can say that Luxe Models is a good source of interesting things related to modelling, such as inspirational people, various outfits, how to guides, new finds, etc. If I have not stumbled on the site, I would not have known that there are fascinating stories behind the modelling and fashion scene. I can’t wait for more juicy up to date fashion revelations from this blog. Luxe Model blog is recommended for anyone who would want to discover fresh ideas in the modelling industry.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

It is quite surprising to see a modelling blog with minimal design. The overall look of the blog is basic and simple. If the blog aims to have a minimalist look, then they have accomplished their goal. However, I am giving the blog 9 because it can use a little work on the template and layout to make it more look fun and exciting.

User Friendliness – 10

With all the complicated blog navigation that are coming out in the present day, I find Lux Models‘ blog a user friendly one. I enjoy clicking my way through the blog. It may not be grand but it is definitely user friendly.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Reading enjoyment is good. The approach of the writer is somewhat different and engages readers to discover more about the topic. I recommend.

Useful Info – 8

The content is great. I did not know that there are existing and interesting stuff in the modelling industry. I just hope they constantly update so people can go back for more. I am rating the site 8, till they provide more interesting articles.

Overall Experience – 9

The Overall Experience was pleasant. There are things that I want to change with Luxe Models‘ blog like the template, however, content is also more important  that’s why I enjoyed the blog too. This is recommendable for any young lady who would want to discover more about the modelling world. Because of all of these things, 9 is a suitable rate as of the moment.




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