Girls And Boy

Girls And Boy
Girls And Boy is the family blog of the Lee family, wherein Daddy Andy chronicles the growth of his babies – three boys and a little girl.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Readers, be ready for LOTS of cute photos of cuddly kids when you visit Girls And Boy! There is no doubt about just how proud Andy is about the kids – and for good reason. I would suggest adding a header, if possible, to give the blog more character. Also, the visual elements in the right column could use a makeover to make them gel together better.

User Friendliness – 8
Girls And Boy loads up quite quickly, despite the huge number of photos in the blog. The relevant links are all found in the right column, although it is a little bit cluttered, making it a bit confusing. I suggest putting the archives and labels nearer each other and nearer the top of the page.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
Girls And Boy is a joy to look at – especially if you love kids or you have kids of your own. You may not know the family personally, but you will definitely be able to relate to their experiences. You also will not be able to help but appreciate the love that the kids’ dad obviously has for his children.

Useful Info – 9
Girls And Boy is full of activities and experiences that the Lee family engage in. You can pick up insights and some practical information about kid-friendly activities and spots in Singapore. You might even pick up a tip or two about raising kids!

Overall Experience – 8
Girls And Boy is a parenting blog that focuses on the lives of the Lee children, and while you probably do not know them personally, the blog can still provide you with an easy read and some insights. It is worth a visit every now and then.



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