Basic Bloganomics

Basic Bloganomics
Basic Bloganomics is the blog of David Funk, who is crazy about sports in general. His original aim was to write more about wrestling, although he says that the blog will be about anything and everything; and he delivers on this promise!

Visual Aesthetics – 8
I love the header-background of Basic Bloganomics! It really adds character to the blog. There is also no shortage of photos in the blog posts, making for a nice visual experience. My only issue is that there are so many other buttons and widgets that they do not seem to mix well together anymore.

User Friendliness – 7
I had no problems navigating the site as relevant links are easy to find in the leftmost column. However, I really did have problems with the load time. It could be because of the amount of pictures in the blog, but I think it just might be because of the widgets scattered all over the place. More than slowing down load time, they also make for a cluttered look. Another thing that I had problems with is the fact that a snap preview came up almost every time I moved my mouse. Perhaps these could be lessened?

Reading Enjoyment – 9
I did enjoy reading the posts in Basic Bloganomics. While I am not that into wrestling, there are some interesting posts about other sports as well. More so, David also writes about various topics such as his visit to the zoo. That post was really fun!

Useful Info – 9
Sports fans can pick up a lot of trivia and news in Basic Bloganomics – and we know just how important this kind of information is for sports lovers! Other posts can provide useful information, especially the review type posts.

Overall Experience – 8
Basic Bloganomics is an interesting mix of posts. From reviews to sports info to animals, you can find them here. I suggest you visit the blog for yourself – you just might find a new friend!


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  1. Thanks for reviewing my blog. I can take this knowing what needs improvement on the site, although my visitors and friends have pointed out load time issues as well as the number of widgets on the page.