Poker Moments

Poker Moments

Poker Moments

Poker is one of the hottest things to do online! Poker Moments is connected to this exciting and growing phenomenon. It is primarily written by a self-proclaimed novice at Texas hold?em. He touches upon many different aspects of poker, from personal poker experiences to basic lessons explained in layman?s terms for how to win at low-limit hold?em games to ideas for how to make money from poker websites.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

At the top of the page there is a photo of an orange neon sign of the word ?GAMBLING,? which sets a Las Vegas-type mood, suggestive of entertainment and energy. Although all the letters of the neon sign are not visible in the picture, it only takes a second to decipher what is being spelt out. The name of the site is cleverly positioned to obstruct part of the sign, which not only makes the name of the site more eye-catching, but also, it ever so slightly challenges the viewer to think about what word is being spelt out by the sign, and like a suggestive piece of clothing, it compels the viewer to look more closely. The posts are on white backgrounds, surrounded by a gray margin. There are spots of color here and there, mostly orange and gray. Overall each page has a professional, clean, neat, uncluttered look, but perhaps could be made more visually stimulating by the inclusion of more highly colorful pictures/photos.

User Friendliness ? 8

The large font and white background makes it easy to read the posts. Navigation is simple. Two weaknesses: 1. The live search function is not yet functioning. 2. When you click on a category you might incorrectly think (as I initially did) that you haven?t been taken to a new page, as there are no clear-cut category headings on each page, and a number of the categories have overlapping posts.

Reading Enjoyment ? 9

The posts of Poker Moments are clearly and coherently written, and not always written by the same individual. Sometimes you get a woman?s perspective, which is always refreshing when so many of the poker blogs are written by males. The posts generally offer useful tidbits of information that will help a beginning poker player better understand various poker related issues. They are not rambling pieces. Nor are they filled with boring bad beat stories.

Useful Info ? 8

You will definitely learn about certain poker related issues that are not typically addressed on other blogs. If you?re a beginner at Texas hold?em or if you?re thinking about building your own poker blog, Poker Moments is a good place to begin your learning experience. Since many of the posts are written by an amateur poker player with little hold?em experience, there is not much here that will help the seasoned professional.

Overall Experience ? 9

Poker Moments has a visually appealing design and the content is interesting, informative, and easily digestible. Navigation couldn?t be easier. It definitely has the potential to be one of the top poker blogs on the internet.