Piddle Drivel

Piddle Drivel

Piddle Drivel

In one of the oddest moves I’ve ever heard of, the writer of this blog moved from southern Indiana to southern Sweden. Nixxie, the author of Piddle Drivel, moved to Sweden to be with the man she loves and now deals with the massive challenges of switching from a temperate, crowded, multicultural America to a near-Arctic, smaller, homogenous Sweden. Very interesting!

Visual Aesthetics ? 7

Piddle Drivel has a fairly average look, but it also looks to me as if, in a recent address change, it lost a lot of its archives, so I wonder if that’s not also affecting its current look. Anyway, it’s very uncluttered, with plenty of links out to other blogs and an easily navigable archive.

User Friendliness ? 8

This is a very friendly site. It’s easy to read, and includes some very nice slices of life from the perspective of an American in Sweden.

Reading Enjoyment ? 9

My only gripe: I wish there was more here! It’s interesting to read about Nixxie’s new life, but the 10 or so posts available right now just don’t tell me enough! I want to know what’s different, besides riding a bicycle in the depths of winter, from America ? the people? The shopping? But everything here is well written, with interesting stuff from Swedish songs (with translation) to unique details about her life in Sweden.

Useful Info ? 7

If you’re considering moving to Sweden, or just visiting, regular visits here would be a good idea. I suspect that as this blog grows, more and more useful information will be generated..

Overall Experience ? 9

This blog was just a lot of fun. I’m sure I’ll be back. And I think you would, too.