Ducking for Apples

Ducking for Apples

Ducking For Apples

This is a very nice, upbeat and interesting blog created by Ally. She spews out amusing stuff about her business, life and other happenings of those around her. This is a very entertaining blog.

Visual Aesthetics ? 7

The site is nicely put together. Vibrant colors and matching shades does give it a natural look. The well-placed graphics and background theme does make this a good site, aesthetically.

User Friendliness ? 6

The page is too long, having to scroll down quite a bit is a pain. This would not be a problem if you have a 17-inch monitor though. It would do some good if she chopped down the pages to smaller sheets. The innumerable links on the right side of the site also could use some minor adjustments.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

If you care much for a day-to-day account of a wife?s comings and goings, this blog is for you. Don?t be fooled by your preconceived notion of how a housewife?s day goes because this gal is anything but boring. I enjoyed reading her entries because of her cleverness and character.

Useful Info ? 7

There are extensive links for ‘rape’ and ‘sexual assault’ which are maintained from a link at the top of the sidebar to the original post. A serious, but important resource. Other than that and a segment about composting, I don?t see any other user info within this blog. This would probably be because she often talks about the goings-on in her life. She most likely intended it this way.

Overall Experience ? 7

I love how the blog was set up. The color coordinated fonts and background themes did give the site an extra umpphh! The content however was trivial at best, but it was pleasurable reading her comments and thoughts about everything from business to English politics.