Take a look at the tag cloud and you’ll see what this blog is mostly about – News and Politics. Of course it isn’t all that but if you can’t get enough of people’s opinions about US politics then this blog will surely satisfy your appetite.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Really nice relaxing color scheme. Really cool header. Really witty and funny Photoshopped images.

User Friendliness – 10

Positives: Fast loading time. Highly readable text. Distinct links. Simple and organized sidebar. Negatives: None that’s glaringly irritating or wrong.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Lots of enjoyable AND substantial posts. OK so the photoshopped images might fool you into thinking that the author just likes to mock a lot of things but if you read her entries you will find that it is just a more funny way of the author giving her piece. Whether using images or words, I enjoyed most of what I saw in this blog.

Useful Info – 8

Not too many useful info in terms of links and raw information. Each post though will give you something new (or not so new) to think about.

Overall Experience – 9

A very good blog. A peek every now and then will help you de-stress and learn something relevant. Hopefully though you don’t visit on days she tackles serious issues in a serious manner or you’ll probably get even more stressed (like I am right now because of the gang rape issue). However, even then you will leave having learned something…although not laughing.