I Wanna Be Sedated


I Wanna Be Sedated

Personal blog of Conz, a girl from Argentina, who is into painting, art, movies, games, piercings, music and all the random things that make life more colorful. If you want to understand more than just the entry titles here you’d better learn to read Spanish fast.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Very simple template used. The color scheme (pink) works and isn’t overly sweet or boring. The blog could use a bit of sprucing up though because it is a bit too plain. The present images are interesting but they aren’t enough with such a stark template.

User Friendliness – 6

Positives: Fast loading time. Highly readable text (if you can read Spanish that is). Uncluttered overall look. Negatives: No labels/categories. The language. I have nothing against people who write in their own languages, it is in fact something I encourage but NOT if you’ll be submitting the blog for an ENGLISH review.

Reading Enjoyment – 5

I did enjoy the hunt for English words to get a feel of what you can find here. There is no way for me to tell how well-written or riveting the posts are though so lets just leave it at the middle – 5.

Useful Info – 4

A personal blog it doesn’t look like it is one that dishes out raw information for the sake of being informative. There are almost no links to outside information that I can find in the posts so it also isn’t a very good launching pad for the quest of knowledge. The most you’ll learn about here are Conz’s daily life and interests.

Overall Experience – 6

A personal blog, this could have scored much higher if only I understood even just several entries. Lesson: Language support IS important if you want your blog to go international.

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