Not Enough Coffee

Not Enough Coffee
Not Enough Coffee is the personal blog of Julie Fletcher, a freelance mom. She’s currently pregnant and shares her experience as well.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
The color scheme of Not Enough Coffee is brown – different shades of brown – and is very apt for the name of the blog. The rest of the blog is quite plain in terms of visuals, though. A few more relevant photos here and there would make the visual aspect so much better.

User Friendliness – 8
There was no problem with the load times. The links to the archives are easily accessible and so is the blog roll. The blog roll was a bit too long for my taste, though. It would also be good to have links to categories so that it would be easier to find relevant posts.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
There were a number of posts which were quite fun to read, like the one about the “bad children.” Some of the posts didn’t really catch my interest, though.

Useful Info – 9
Not Enough Coffee has a lot of useful information for mothers and mothers-to-be. There are also some other useful information such as recipes.

Overall Experience – 8
I’d say that a bit of tweaking with regard to the visuals and more content would do Not Enough Coffee some good. Still, it is a blog worth visiting every now and then.



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  1. yes i like the blog specially for recipes it provides some useful information as swell and congrats to Julie Fletcher she is pregnant i wish all the very best for her life.