My Quraan


My Quraan

Answering questions like “Who is Allah?” and “Is there hope for people like them?”, this site is a serious religious blog in the eye candy color of pink. Discussing Al Fatiha, the first chapter of the Quraan with so much enthusiasm and passion, this blog is a gem for anyone studying the holy book of Islam.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The simple pink design (which would probably suit a perky girly blog rather than a religious one) was easy on the eye and I have to say that the author must have put quite some time in working on the template to make it as attractive at it is.

User Friendliness – 7

Loading time really good. After all, how long does it take to load a plain page with only minimal text to possibly be the cause of delay?

Reading Enjoyment – 7

As in all things, I say “To each his own”. This blog does not hold a universal type of interest – even if you are into salvation, faith, and religion in general.

User Info – 8

Informing her readers about the horrors of the Pakistan Earthquake and promptly asking those with “good hearts” to donate to Islamic Relief, this blog may well put skeptics off. That said, there is a good amount of resources here with the Qu’raan in audio, digital, English, Arabic and transliterated forms, and lots of other great study aids for anybody studying this religious book.

Overall Experience – 7

Worth visiting if only to absorb information on Islam or to consider other religious options.