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Meet Jessica– a young blogger from Indiana with a whacky sense of humor and zany friends to share it with, resulting in this journal of misadventures. Topics range from the surreal IM convos, kooky road trips and a photo essay of what can happen when you lose track of your margaritas.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Simple background in earth tones and a large flower look pretty but don’t quite suit the blogger’s personality. She does post some photos of friends, though, but some are blurry and basically just show a lot of people “hanging out“.

User Friendliness – 7

Links and archives are really organized, so you can find what you want pretty quickly. The site is also easy to download. Unfortunately Jessica‘s not too much into formatting – some entries are suddenly centered, and she doesn’t bother to capitalize her sentences – which can make reading a bit of a strain.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

The entries read like the diary of a twentysomething girl who loves partying and hanging out with friends (which is what the blog pretty much is about). They’re fun, but have limited appeal to those who don’t know Jessica personally.

User Info – 6

There are links to other blogs, but it’s really Jessica‘s journal: what she did, the fun she had and the friends she shared it with. While that’s a great life and we’re glad she’s enjoying it (and some people may get a thrill out of living vicariously through her entries), it’s not useful.

Overall Experience – 7

Jessica is obviously a very happy, spirited woman, and reading the blog entries does remind you that you’ve got to enjoy your life -or at least, let yourself be surprised by it. However, this blog is something that would appeal to either Jessica‘s friends or someone who could naturally empathize with her.