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My Corner of the World

Cindy’s corner of the world tells of the Gift of Teaching, of how God is Working, and of Revelations and Bible verses. Actually, given the percentage of the site devoted to Gospels and teachings, it’s like one big online Bible. Oh, there are snippets about Cindy’s life here and there but not enough to consider it a personal journal more than a compressed Religion class.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

In tones of silver and gray, you’d think that this was actually a site originating from “up above.” The only accent are a few scattered fuchsia flowers. Everything is text heavy that one look at it could turn you off. Also, the letters are too small comfort. You either have to strain your eyes real hard or not read at all. Although points should be given to its neatness and organization.

User Friendliness – 9

Cindy isn’t very fond of links. But those that do exist in her site loads quickly.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

If you were a religious person or of you were doing a study on the Bible, you’d find this site very interesting. Since majority of the entries are of religious content, it is hard for them to ignore even if what you are mainly interested in is Cindy’s life. The author’s a good enough writer but her choice of topics caters to a limited number of readers.

User Info – 8

Every Bible verse or teaching has a link that directs you to their full contexts. If you are interested enough in what she writes, then these links will prove to be useful. Fortunately enough, Cindy has categorized her entries. And if you wish to just read about her mom, just choose one of them sidelinks and make clicky.

Overall Experience ?- 6

Again, a non-religious person would immediately skip to the next site. But credit should be given to Cindy’s writing as she attempts to make the her entries informative for everyone.