Be Friends?


Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Sometimes parents wonder whether the money they put into their kids’ tuition just goes to waste. Well, they’re right to wonder.

Why Can’t We Be Friends will tell you why. Entries here tells you of what’s going on in Q’s mind. His profile claims that “In my own mind, I’m a college radio superstar. In the real world, I’m just another jerkoff with a couple of college radio shows.” Seems like he’s just another college student with too much cynicism.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

If the black background, dark link texts, and the hazy city photo placed on top of his site aims to exude a brooding slash cynic effect, well, it failed big time. All it impresses is bad taste. And the link texts are too dark that you’d have to highlight it before you can even read what it’s about. Also, there is not cohesion in his layout which just turns off any reader.

User Friendliness – 8

In fairness, everything loads quickly enough.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Reading an entry about a bad day in school or at work can prove to be fun provided it was written in a witty manner. No one wants to read how a poor loner dowses himself in self-pity while the girl at the counter looks at him weirdly while he claims his cheque.

User Info – 8

If you consider sulking and endless ranting useful information, then you’re reading the right blog. Otherwise, skip onto the next site and save yourself the agony of reading why Q hates his job over and over and over again.

Overall Experience – 6

Reading the first entry is tolerable. But four entries further, you?d realize that this one big blog devoted to Q’s inability find himself a better job, or worse yet, a better lifestyle.