Mustang Cowboys

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Mustang ‘n’ Cowboys

Catch a glimpse of the life of two new cowboys, Travis and Tony (TnT), as they live their lifelong dream of having and training real wild mustangs. Seen through the eyes of their doting mother Janey Loree the blog starts during day one of TnT’s pack trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Although a simple template was used the template is actually goes with the blog’s theme. The color scheme and the pictures of TnT and the horses gives the blog a real Wild West feel to it. The sidebar looks a bit cramped though but is made interesting with the cast of characters. The blog also looks a bit cluttered much with posts looking a bit like a scrapbook with stuff tossed in together leaving me a bit torn on whether the look is good or not. It doesn’t make for a classical clean feel but again it feels like an authentic cowboy’s scrapbook.

User Friendliness – 7

Fairly easy to navigate. This blog doesn’t have much features though with the about section already found in the header and the sidebar with its cast of characters. The archives is found way down the sidebar and there’s no way to search by categories.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The posts don’t make for a literary read but the pictures sure do entertain. In fact they’re so interesting that I found myself impatiently trying to hurry up in reading the text so I can go scan the next pictures. The text reads like a diary would and usually just tells the pictures’ story. They tend to get really long and dragging but again if you want to appreciate the pictures fully you need to know the story behind them.

User Info – 7

What you’ll find in this blog is stories about horses (mustangs specifically) and their training, puppies, and general things about TnT. Nothing really about helping people learn to train horses but if you read enough posts you’ll probably learn a thing or two like what to pack for a trip to the mountains and stuff like that.

Overall Experience – 8

I wouldn’t mind visiting this blog once in a while simply because I love the pictures. This blog could be a great photoblog if not for the long text. The stories are also interesting but it’s the photos that will get your attention.

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