Scream and Punch

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I am Screaming and Punching Myself

Rants from the luckiest woman alive. Catherine enjoys living her life AND complaining about pop the really dumb things pop culture has brought to us. Stupid but utterly fascinating stuff including reality shows and of course – Britney Spears.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Her blog looks pretty okay but there’s something wrong about it that kept on bugging me until I figured it out – too much underlines. Yes. Underlines. ALL her links has underlines and since there are links everywhere it looks like her blog has been crossed out by some crazy editor. Links can be made distinct from ordinary text by something other than underlines Ms. Cantieri.

User Friendliness – 8

Navigable except for the fact that the text size of the stuff on the sidebars are just too small unless I enlarge it which makes the text size on the post too big and ugly.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

I actually enjoyed each and every entry on this blog. I am not into celebrities and stuff like that but the way she wrote about them was just really fun. It must be the sarcasm and wit or the accompanying pics and videos that are just too horrible to describe. I never watched any of the reality shows but by simply reading her recaps it felt like I’ve been watching the show itself, or at least the parts of the shows that mattered. Am I going to be turned into a celeb junkie by this blog?

User Info – 9

Nothing of real importance in this world you’ll find here but to this blog’s readers there is much useless but sought after info to be read. The author should also be hired by some network to do their shows recap because she does it in a more fun and really informative way. Lots of info here about Britney Spears, other celebrities, and TV shows.

Overall Experience – 9

Very entertaining. This blog will make your realize how much fun ranting can be. And the author didn’t sound bitter or stupid in any of her rants either. She tells it as it is but makes it look really exasperatingly funny.

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