Gospel Rhys


The Gospel According to Rhys

This blog preaches nothing about the Gospel and doesn’t aim to do anything about that. Instead it’s simply a blog about “a simple going about his daily life.” Rhys loves I love his family, girlfriend, friends, beer, and his blog. He says that he is generally chirpy and his posts reflect it. Over all this blog reflects the life of a man who’s pretty happy with his life.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The banner image is really cool with the way Rhys stands out amongst the crowd in the background. The blog looks neat and organized and the colors used or rather lack of colors used makes for a very clean feel. The plentiful text both in the content and sidebar makes me a little dizzy though and leaves me feeling like I’ll never finish reading the posts. Once you do start reading though this feeling quickly goes away.

User Friendliness – 10

Great organization with all the important pages found on the top of the page, all the links found on the sidebar near the post and the uglier ads and miscellaneous stuff found on the far right sidebar. I really like it when bloggers like Rhys take time to layout their blog in a more intuitive manner. Props to Rhys for that.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The author’s laid back writing style makes for easy reading. He is also pretty funny but geeky as well. But what’s bad about geek? I actually tend to enjoy geek blogs as long as they don’t get technical and the author never does that in this blog. This is a personal blog, mostly with personal post that might bore some people who pass by and know nothing about the author but upon reading several entries it is something that can grow into you.

User Info – 8

Plenty of info regarding Rhys’ life here. And lots of stuff about the sports teams he loves too. You can also download some fun software in this site and if you read the blog often enough you might stumble upon some useful information or two. For a personal blog this is quite average in terms of user information.

Overall Experience – 9

Fun, easy going, and light. Rhys seems to be such a nice and happy guy it’s actually a little weird since most personal blogs have a dash of drama here and there. With this blog what you see is what you get and what I see is, as Rhys says it, “a chirpy guy.”

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