Merkez Burasi

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Merkez Burasi
Merkez Burasi Music Center is a treasure trove for music lovers, specifically jazz lovers. The blog has a collection of downloadable albums from artists all over the world, both famous and obscure.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Merkez Burasi’s header is definitely beautiful and very much reflective of the blog’s theme. However, the template used is quite bland when compared to the blog’s content. Thankfully each post is accompanied by album art making the blog really colorful and interesting to look at. The empty label cloud is also an eyesore and should either be populated or removed.

User Friendliness – 9
The blog posts have content that are well organised. Each post is formatted the same way with the album art showcased, a complete list of the songs in the album, and giving important information such as the data format, download rate, file size, and also the music genre. However, before being able to download anything users need to go to Rapidshare. The great thing about the blog though is that the searhc box is pretty prominent and the tabs at the top actually contain useful sections (E-books, Soundtracks, Facebook, Subscribe, and Requests)

Reading Enjoyment – 7
Nothing to read here. A delight to surf though if only for the very interesting album art.

Useful Info – 10
Very useful blog for Jazz lovers.

Overall Experience – 9
Merkez Burasi is a great resource for jazz lovers looking for free downloable albums. A blog to subscribe to if you are into music but not something to visit if you are not.



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  1. Thanks for hipping me to this blog – as a jazz fan (writer and photographer) I’m always looking for new resources. Cheers to Merkez Burasi!