Innovation Crafting

Innovation Crafting

Innovation is the act of introducing something new and in Navneet Bhushan’s case he wants to “embrace and empower new ideas; to describe and define a learning organization; to explore and enrich future and change.” This blog is dedicated to LEARNING.

Visual Aesthetics – 5
Innovation Crafting may be about embracing new ideas but right now what it needs to embrace is a new look. Better theme, more structure, less ads, and a little consistency.

User Friendliness – 7
Basic blog layout with straightforward navigation but the ever changing font style, colour, and size makes reading a little difficult.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
Innovation Crafting offers interesting snippets such as this quote “Who is right – Customer or Provider? … Neither your customer nor you can be right – alone!…The only way to be right is when you and your customer are right at the same time.” The only problem is that it also sometimes contains snippets of not so interesting facts.

Useful Info – 9
Lots of useful information on this blog from links business articles, to abstracts, to insights.

Overall Experience – 8
Innovation Crafting reflects blogger’s passion for new ideas. However, it’s potential is hindered due to its overall look. It is worth visiting once in a while though.



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