Living with MPD


Living with MPD

Mental disorders such as multiple personality disorder (MPD) have always been associated with a certain stigma. That is one of the reasons the author of Living with Multiple Personalities set up her blog. She wants to be able to help others who are suffering from similar conditions. The other reason she cites is that her blog is her way to “surface.”

This blog also offers hosting for other bloggers and she rents out blog space as well. So aside from personal posts, it has a newsy-administrator feel to it.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Though the colors are on the dark side – different shades of pinstripe blue, black, and red – the overall effect is pleasant to the eyes. The text for posts is black on a white background, white red bold text for the title. Everything somehow gels together.

User Friendliness – 9

Living with Multiple Personalities is very well organized. With categories, blogrolls, and other information related to hosting on the left column and the posts on the right, the user will not be confused nor lost in this blog.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

This blog is quite well-written and easy to read. It covers a wide variety of topics which can entertain as well as inform.

Useful Info – 7

Has a lot of personal insights that can be quite useful, not only to those who have mental issues but to those who do not as well. Many of the posts can be for a particular audience only, though.

Overall Experience – 8

As a personal blog cum hosting site, Living with Multiple Personalities gives you a unique experience. It leaves you with more insights into the human mind, whether you are experiencing problems or not.

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