Sob’ah My Soul

Sob'ah My Soul

Sob’ah My Soul

We have reviewed quite a number of blogs that are deeply personal in nature. Today’s feature, Sob’ah My Soul is one of them. The author, Jennifer is your usual journal-blogger. She regularly (though not daily) writes about her experiences, and provides insights and commentary on how these day-to-day encounters affect her life and outlook in life. What sets Sob’ah My Soul apart from just every other diary type blog is that the author adds in morality and values to her writings. The blog is written from the point of view of a responsible parent, who is reveling in her own learning experiences as she and her children grow.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Sob’ah My Soul looks clean and readable. The blog uses a two-column red-based theme with a white background. This format is easy to the eyes and provides enough white space as to not become cluttered. The header image is an attractive custom images with an elegant typeface that appeals to people with a taste for the finer things in life. Most entries on Jennifer‘s blog also contain images and photos, including those of herself and her family. Some posts feature colorful cliparts and graphics that attract a reader into reading the post right away.

User Friendliness – 6

The blog uses a default Blogger type of navigation scheme, with permalinks separate from post titles, and archives sorted according to month. While the blog is not organized by category, one can find it easy to navigate through the archives using collapsible lists at the right sidebar. This navigation area disappears, though, when a user views static pages, and this causes the need to click the BACK button when looking for more content on the site. There is a Google search, though, which users can easily access when looking for keywords on her blog or the entire web.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Sob’ah My Soul is full of anecdotes and stories about being a mother. I consider the blog to be inspirational, as the author is fond of citing inspirational–and especially religious–material. She is fond of writing about how these lessons in life are applied to her daily life, and how she can learn from her daily experiences, as well. Other mothers (and even parents, in general) will find it easy to relate.

Useful Info – 6

Sob’ah My Soul is more about telling a life story one day at a time than sharing information. So it wouldn’t rate too high in this regard. But still, with the funny and interesting stories you can read on Jennifer‘s blog, especially those about being a mother, we think it’s still above average when it comes to useful information.

Overall Experience – 7

Sob’ah My Soul is what a blog was originally supposed to be–an online personal journal. While blogs have so far evolved to be something else these days, we still appreciate reading up on another person’s life, especially if it’s coming from a perspective different from oneself. You get to appreciate how it is to be in the shoes of another person, this time from a dedicated mother who still believes in high moral standards. Sob’ah My Soul means “satisfy my soul,” and the author invites readers to join her in her journey to satisfy her soul. The posts on Sob’ah My Soul are truly satisfying in that regard. It’s not as informational or hot as your usual blog about gadgets, politics or technology. But if you want to lay back a bit from the pressures of daily life, Sob’ah My Soul might be a good read.

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