Amazing Illusions

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Amazing Illusions

Illusions has and always be cool. Despite the explanations behind illusions people still tend to believe what their eyes see and end up feeling like they saw something magical instead of just something clever.

This blog is all about illusions. The title is apt because amazed is what you’ll feel after seeing most of the illusions.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The blog used a very simple template. The white background is the perfect back drop to the cool illusions found post post after post. The sidebar, found on the right, is very simple and contains some categories, links to previous posts and outside pages, as well as a subscribe button for those interested. All in all a simple but pleasing look was achieved.

User Friendliness – 9

As I said everything is in the very neat but simple sidebar. Subscribing is a one click process and commenting is a no-brainer. The only element missing is a search bar to make it a bit more easier to find illusions buried deep in the archives.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

There’s nothing much to read but plenty to look at and watch. The little text found in it is worth reading though. On the main the text explains the illusions and are very informative.

Useful Info – 8

Unless you love to find out how illusions are done there isn’t much seriously useful information here. The content is very entertaining though and since entertainment is very important in keeping people happy I find this blog useful indeed.

Overall Experience – 9

The blog has its purpose and achieves it purpose. Visiting this blog will surely give you an eyeful of entertainment and puzzlement. A fun blog to visit regularly.

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