Pond Perspective

Pond Perspective

Likening her blog to an Enchanted Lily Pad the author shares her pond with whoever might want to hop and and come visiting. This pond just like the real thing is full of life and variety with all kinds of posts and topics to be found.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

A green pond with plenty of pictures and videos to look at. The blog is pleasant looking enough, however the plethora of pics and video clips doesn’t exactly mesh together though they make for very interesting posts. The right sidebar is also jam packed with graphical links that just don’t really look that nice too tightly packed together.

User Friendliness – 8

Simple effective layout. With all the usual navigation features all in an expandable or drop down menus. The white font against a green background is also very readable though a mite too small for visually-challenged people. The only problem is that effectiveness of the navigation features on the sidebar is affected by the clutter in the same area.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Very interesting posts though you’ll be sure to have nothing new to read on Wednesdays because it’s Wordless Day in the Pond. On Thursdays you can be sure to read a list of thirteen entries. What’s on the list is the question but you can be sure that it’ll be interesting. On other days you can be sure to be treated with either video clips, other images, a short post with the author’s ruminations, and online quiz results.

Useful Info – 9

The author has much to share. The info shared are sometimes useful though more usually trivial. Almost all are interesting though and whether trivial or useful the important thing is that they are often presented in such a way that you will remember the information. What use is information if you can’t remember them anyway?

Overall Experience – 9

Not the usual personal journal where people tend to go on and on about their lives. Pond Perspective shows us that its author’s perspective in life is one based on curiosity and interest in anything and everything fun. A very light hearted blog. Taking a dip in this pond every once in a while should be good for you.

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