Charities Blog

Charities Blog

The blog with a heart and a cause. One of the few blogs that exists to bring awareness to the needs of other human beings instead of ranting about the ego and whatever interests it.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Simple, neat and visually pleasing. With no sidebars to detract focus from the posts each post stands out and is made interesting and easy to visualize what it is about due to the image inserted at the beginning of each post.

User Friendliness – 9

Readable text though it could have done better with the links since the color difference is so subtle you can easily miss it. The blog makes use of a single column layout, which is rather unusual but surprisingly effective. For navigation an expandable link is placed at the top of the page to get to other pages in the blog like Home, About, and the Categories. To get to the archives and the blogroll you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, which can be trying but actually works since people usually don’t go to the archives until the finish scanning the entire first page of the blog anyway.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

The Charities Blog makes for rather dry reading. It is not written in the most enjoyable style but the content more than makes up for it.

Useful Info – 10

This blog has some of the most useful information you can find since most posts focus on different charities people might be interested in supporting. There are also posts that would help readers in finding ways to give to charity and avoid scams.

Overall Experience – 9

The Charities Blog is one I would recommend that people visit on a regular basis. It is the kind of blog that we need more of. Though visiting Charities Blog doesn’t equate to fun it does translate to more meaning to ones life if you do realize that life is also about helping those in need.