Keris Stainton

Keris Stainton

Keris Stainton

A writer, a reader and very sweet. That’s the impression one gets from Keris Stainton‘s blog. Dive into this funny and candid girl’s world of books, quotes, writing and anything and everything under her near-perfect sun. Watch out, this one is a cheer-pill waiting to pop into your mouth.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Sky blue, mint green and white with a dash of yellows and pinks, this blog is as girly-clean as they come. It’s organized, categorized, and cute! Just as what you would expect when you see her snapshot right at the top.

User Friendliness – 9

The blog is link-rich so you’ll be going in and out of links until you can’t link any more. Considering the sheer number of things to check out on her blog, its a miracle she’s kept things so organized and easy to get around.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

I want to read everything on this Brit chick’s list and I want to go deep into every link to know more about what she’s raving about. She is incredibly passionate about her interests, it’s contagious.

Useful Info – 10

If you’re a keen reader as Keris is, you’ll love her site. The links on books, magazine articles, movies and TV are as diverse as they come. There are also loads of photos and other interesting stuff galore. Each link makes sense and re-affirms who Keris is and what she’s all about: a lover of life. It’s all quite girly though so darker types tread lightly.

Overall Experience – 9

I don’t know if want to hug her, squish her or take her shopping with me. Her entries are the stuff of best girlfriends’ chats – very Bridget Jones – a real perk-me-up, clever and entirely likeable.

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