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Tekkie heaven. Gadget, gadgets and more gadgets. Engadget has press releases, reviews, trivia, and lots of links to more sites on guess what … gadgets of course!

Visual Aesthetics – 6

It’s just too messy for me. Too much sponsored links to irritate with the links found not only on the sidebar but also between posts. The cluttered look doesn’t make for a homey feel. I just hate the ads. They’re too much.

User Friendliness – 7

Engadget has a lot of features for a blog. It has breaking news, featured stories, sections or categories, a tag cloud, and a section for the most commented on posts. All the features are really cool but the clutter significantly lessens their positive impact on the site’s user friendliness. The clutter wins and makes Engadget a little bit confusing to navigate.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

If you are tekkie you’ll give Engadget a 10. But for the average reader a 9 would suffice Engadget is a fun blog to read not just because of the latest cool gadgets you’ll find but because the posts are written with much wit and sense of humor.

Useful Info – 10

Quantify the word useful for me. Engadget does contain a lot of information one couldn’t say they’re all useful unless you’re a gamer or are particularly interested with gadgets. With the wide variety of gadgets though you should be able to find one that would at least be useful to you. Just browse using the categories and you’re sure to find a gadget that suits you.

Overall Experience – 8

Once you get past all the clutter you will find Engadget a blog with plenty to offer. The posts are informative and the features useful. The comment section can be a pretty lively place too. I would suggest using an ad blocker though if you have a particular aversion against ads because it’ll just make your head spin.

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