Whatever Things

Whatever Things

Whatever Things

The blog is teenage anguish with an Indian twist. In Whatever Things, young Rishabh examines his days with some strong opinions and a casual style which makes one feel that this young man is taking straight at you. His English is often punctuated by “Ayeee!” and bits of conversations in his native tounge (Telagu?), but this actually enhances the authenticity of what an ordinary life of a college guy in modern India is like.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

Darkness all around, and not much else save some photos in older posts. However, the black backround does work well for this blog.

User Friendliness – 7

Its a neat one, with minimal clutter and decent loading. Getting from one post to another (in the archives) and back again is a bit of headache though.

Reading Enjoyment – 5

Unless you know his Rishabh‘s native language, its easy to get lost in his ramblings which tend to dip from one thing to the next. However, his honest, bright observations (he is somewhat of a science wiz) with the overall feeling of local color, are interesting enough.

Useful Info – 6

Nothing much except some interesting descriptions of Indian food, and the lyrics of Live and Let Die.

Overall Experience – 6

Despite his location stating Heard and McDonald Islands (an uninhabited area near Antarctica- perhaps a metaphor?), Rishabh paints a picture of his hometown astoundingly well, of family life, dreaded exams and run-ins with authority -peppered by a healthy teen smattering of “F” words and the like – which goes to show that 17 year olds around the world have nearly everything in common.

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