Keith Alioto is going to be a Daddy to twins and he’s all agog over it. Check out Daddy Day Care’s entries on his upcoming babies, home improvement and what’s on the boob tube.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

Keith uses a basic template so nothing much to be said there. The posts have a fairly good amount visuals from family photos, 3D images of the twins and the current state of his house under renovation. The archives link is unusually way down below the site so maybe it’s an html thing (or not, I could be wrong).

User Friendliness – 6

There a few links in most posts that relate to what he’s rambling about although it doesn’t really lead you deeper into the topic.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Keith posts every detail of his life as it unfolds and he sure does love his TV shows. Who knew that TV could fill up so many entries in one’s blog?

Useful Info – 5

You’ll find a link once in a while but it doesn’t really amount to anything useful or remotely interesting.

Overall Experience – 6

Keith‘s your regular American Dad with a lot of time in his hands as he’s able to post just about anything that happens in his day- however mundane it may be.

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