Jaded Sunburns

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Jaded Sunburns

There’s nothing Jaded about Jaded Sunburns. Full off character like its red-head author Jaded Sunburns is a personal journal that touches on life in Arizona and how a feisty mom, her Hubsend, and their equally feisty kids go through life a day at a time.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Skins anyone? Yes this blog makes use of different skins which readers can change depending on personal taste. Each skin uses a different theme and is very visually pleasing. You can choose among her Jaded Christmas, Jaded Shades, Red Pinup, and Retro Mirror skins.

User Friendliness – 10

Excellent layout, features, and navigability. The header contains links to her About Jade, Gallery, Archives, Blogroll, and Contact section. The sidebar has all the other features you can use to access the rest of her blog. The features on the sidebar makes use of an expandable menu making for a very neat yet easy and fast access to whichever category or page you want to go to. The only skin that doesn’t make use of the expandable menus is the Red Pinup skin.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

A personal journal that even people who don’t know her will enjoy reading. Jade’s witty and forceful personality manages to peep through in each post. She claims that all messes can be cleaned with a little water and soap and it seems she does just that with her almost obsessive behavior about the neatness and cleanliness of her workstation and her kitchen. Reading through her public posts will surely make you want to ask her nicely if she’ll allow you to become a member and view her private posts. This is one lady who knows the boundaries of blogging and knows exactly what she wants to say and who she wants to read it.

Useful Info – 8

Quite surprisingly Jaded Sunburns has some useful information to offer. Most personal blogs don’t contain any useful information at all but this blog’s Arizona FAQ page and published articles section offer some pretty useful information. Of course aside from that once in a while you’ll chance upon posts that contain the some useful tidbits.

Overall Experience – 10

One of the very few personal blogs that deserve a Bloggy Award. It does what personal journals rarely ever manage to do. It sucks in strangers into her world as they actually want to know more about her life with each post they read.

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