Jerusalem Gypsy


Jerusalem Gypsy

Self confessed slave for a salary, mother, and peace worker- this stuff is basically the contents of a “normal day” for our wandering gypsy. No eye candy cover at all for the everyday turmoil of her life. From thieves breaking her husband’s car window to the announcement of her new multi-focal glasses- all said in the same tone. It’s quite overwhelming.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Really nice background, good design and photo mix for the blog title, rich colors, and ethnic feel. What more can you ask for?

User Friendliness – 8

A little slow on the uptake. The page takes quite some time before being fully loaded. As for the links and layout, another of those up-down scroll things. Nothing fancy but easy to use.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Reading enjoyment here does not come in the form of roaring laughter but in emotions being shared across web pages. Candid and casual about the not-so ideal political situation and racial issues in her hometown. This gypsy surely has a lot of cyber sympathy coming her way. An excellent read.

Useful Info – 7

This blog may do well with expounding on some issues and events. After all, not everyone knows who Arik is and not everyone understands the concept of an Arabic Christmas.

Overall Experience – 8

It must be those moving statements about working to bring about peace that makes one want to pick up a cardboard sign and march across the desert screaming “Peace, not war!”