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At last, a blog that isn’t driven by egos, money or snarkiness. Intent blog‘s mission is to open up dialogue on what really matters – “wellness” in every sense of the word. Spearheaded by non other than Deepak Chopra, Intent‘s voices are some of the world’s most intelligent, diverse and respected in the world today.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Simple and clean to look at, purposefully without any commercially-inclined visuals to detract from the thoughtful content. There are no photos to speak of, except for the faces of each contributor which accompany their post.

User Friendliness – 10

Strong marks here for sheer ease of navigation and perfect organization. I loved the way posts, categories, recent comments and contributors listings were neatly placed and easy to see. The categories also displayed links to the recent posts relevant, which saved me time from skimming to find topics I was interested in. Everything worked wonderfully, a model for all blogs in terms of user-friendly design.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Challenging, poetic, current, wise, knowledgable and engaging are just some things that came into mind when I went through Intent‘s multi-media contributions. And whether they were blog posts, articles, video or audio clips and so on, they were all in their unique way a delight to read.

Useful Info – 10

Masses. Like I said, the content here is on some of the most relevant and pressing issues in the world today. Think environment, human rights, politics, spirituality and much more – spoken by “movers and shakers” of each field.

Overall Experience – 10

While Intent‘s content is certainly not casual entertainment, theres a freshness and joy in spite of the somewhat serious nature of its topics. Impressive is a word that comes to mind here – in the fearlessness of the people involved, in the positive change they hope to achieve, and the feeling of hope you get for humanity when you visit this blog. Bravo.

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