Oxymoronic Existence

Currently on the job hunt, aspiring writer Holden speaks candidly about his colorful life and loves- too colorful sometimes. He’s gay and he’s not afraid to write about it.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

It’s all gray and subdued which is so unlike Holden‘s personality and happenings in his life. There aren’t any pictures or images and there’s no need for them. Holden‘s accounts are so colorful and vivid it doesn’t take much to get a visual on your own.

User Friendliness – 8

The links are aplenty and interesting enough for one to linger on. Pretty helpful indeed for those in the know. The comments are a lively bunch and it seems like he has a steady following.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Holden‘s love life and exploits are riveting and you find yourself wanting to read from the very start. I even found myself laughing out loud at times.

Useful Info – 7

The sidebar is loaded with links to Holden’s interests. Plus a lively chatbox, friends’ sites, his best reads and other non-entity sites.

Overall Experience – 8

Holden is a writer and his blog is a joy to read. Not only does he cater to his target market to a tee, but his writings also appeal to straights because he is damn funny. Witty and hilarious, racy and sometimes sentimental, Holden hangs his heart out on the blogline and makes no apologies about it.

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