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Instachallenges is a website which promotes Instagram photo challenges. Its goal is to encourage Instagram users to share their unique photos with the rest of the world. It encourages people very fond of taking beautiful pictures to submit their images according to the day’s theme.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

With its simple layout design, lots of white space and big fonts, visitors will easily know what the Instachallenges site is all about. It is very straightforward with less clutter and as such, can grab the attention of any visitor. Each post has only a short description of the photo challenge being presented and a single image so it’s fairly easy to understand what’s being asked.

User Friendliness – 10

There’s not much content and pages on the site hence it’s fast and easy to go around. On the home page, one can already view the posts and to leave a comment, one can just click the link just below the post title. There are also links to the site’s other social media accounts.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Those fond of photography whether the hobbyists or the serious photographers should be able to understand right away what’s being asked for the challenge for a particular day as the posts are very short.

Useful Info – 9

Being an Instagram photo challenges site, not very detailed posts are available. Those who love photography, however, can get simple tips and tricks on how to take unique pictures.

Overall Experience – 9

With so many websites that are full of varied content and images, it can be refreshing to visit a site such as Instachallenges that has lots of white space and less clutter. Any visitor should have a pleasant experience while browsing through the content.

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