The Photographing God: You Will Never See Life The Same Way Again! blog offers spiritual inspiration to people and aims to connect their own selves, with others and most especially with God. Founder Greg Pai believes his photography and inspirational writings can help people over the distractions that the world brings in our daily lives.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The blog easily captivates a visitor’s attention what with relevant photos for each blog post and large fonts for the titles.

User Friendliness – 10

All blog posts can easily be accessed through the links in their titles. A link to the gallery shop is also available on the top right hand of the home page.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

It’s one worthwhile experience reading the site’s content as it’s full of inspiration that can help people develop a more positive outlook in life.

Useful Info – 10

So many insights and lessons to gain from this blog. The content is full of inspiration that’s helpful in one’s pursuit to happiness and peace.

Overall Experience – 9

People looking for spiritual inspiration and those who want to develop a more positive attitude in life can turn to this blog. It’s worth visiting regularly.

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