Max Cohen Photography – Beautiful Landscapes

Max Cohen Photography
Max Cohen Photography – Beautiful Landscapes
Beautiful landscapes from Amazon Rainforest and Brazil are what await you in the blog of Max Cohen, a self-taught photographer based in Brazil.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Max Cohen Photography is nothing short of astounding, thanks to the amazing photos displayed. The color scheme is dark, which is a preference, but everything looks good overall. One thing I would suggest is to make use of all the space when displaying the photos. They would look even better blown up!

User Friendliness – 9
In spite of the high quality images in the blog, loading times are not a problem. The site has basic navigation links, but it would be much easier for readers if tags or categories were present for navigation. That being said, you will not find relevant links within the posts lacking.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
If you are not a photographer, you will learn a lot from Max Cohen’s posts. And if you are, you will enjoy reading the perspective of a kindred spirit. In any case, both text and images present lots of opportunities for enjoyment.

Useful Info – 10
Beauty does not always have to be useful, does it? In the case of this blog, however, you will get something useful in terms of photography techniques and styles as well.

Overall Experience – 9
Max Cohen Photography lives up to its promise of beautiful landscapes from Amazon Rainforest and Brazil. If you want something that will soothe your soul, this blog is a good place to go.



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