Indian Lake Project

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The Indian Lake Project

Conspiracy theorists heres a good one for you. If you want to understand what the blog is really all about you’d better head on to the very first post and work your way up to the present. Truth or fiction. Mislead or made up. The Indian Lake Project is one intersting conspiracy theory.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Plain black background with white text and a few old pics and even fewer new ones. This blog is very simple and does not aim to look nice but then again the very plain look goes with the entire conspiracy theory theme.

User Friendliness – 10

Fast loading time and readbale text. This blog is as user friendly as the next one and is very easy to navigate. No fancy features to help nor confuse the users and the most important link, which is the “Start at the beginning of the story…” is pretty easy to spot. A good summary of what to expect is also placed at the upper right part of the blog to orient first timers.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

If you don’t read the blog as it should be read (from the beginning) you might not “enjoy” the story as much as if you did. The entire story is quite chilling and sinister IF you believe it to be true. But whether the Indian Lake Project is indeed real or fabricated by the author for a really engaging blog the fact remains that the entire conspracy theory is very intriguing. I still haven’t made up my mind whether I want it to be true or not. For believers this is the blog to follow, for mystery lovers here’s a story sure to interest you, and for the skeptics here’s a chance for you to debunk something.

User Info – 10

Much information about the so-called Indian Lake Project and MK-ULTRA. What makes me a bit uncomforatble though is that the entire conspiracy theory is based on just a handle of documents and hasn’t been cross-checked nor seen by another real person. The information here though very interesting needs to be authenticated and investigated properly.

Overall Experience – 10

A very unqiue blog in terms of content. This blog serves not the usual fare but is all the more riveting for that. Scary if indeed true. My advice to the author is to get professional help if all you say is true. If not then congratulations on spinning a good story.

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