Nice Neurotic


Neurotic but Nice

A very nice personal blog from a person who’s almost ready to live alone in a cave…but (in my opinion) only if has her computer and an internet connection with her.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Brown and more brown all around yet surprisingly all those shades of brown don’t make for a drab looking blog. If anything, the color scheme and the srtipes actually look nice. It must be because of the way the blog look organized and the way the author picks out interesting and colorful (but not too colorful) images to accompany her latest posts making the blog look really appealing.

User Friendliness – 9

The fonts are a little on the small side but I can see how it works for the blog’s overall look and how. People like me who have poor eyesight will simply need to increase the font size to read the longer posts. The blog is pretty well organized making it very easy to find categories, archives, and other pages of interest to find back posts. The link to Home is well situated and consistently on the lefty sidebar so that readers don’t need to fumble around for it. My only gripe is that the Previous Posts link at the bottom of the page isalmost invisible.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Short interesting posts. Even her personal posts along with the rants are usually written in a witty manner that strangers like me will find them interesting enough to read. I especially appreciate the effort she’d been putting lately into coming up with intersting images to accompany her posts (Read back and you’ll see she wasn’t that into images before or maybe it’s becaue her links to photopress doesn’t work). It gives another dimension to your reading and helps you figure out what the posts is gnereally about even before reading the whole

User Info – 6

An average personal blog in that there isn’t much information you can get here except for some stuff you might be able to squeeze out from her posts.

Overall Experience – 9

A really nice personal blog that has the right look and right tone. It seems a bit unfiar that this blog can’t get a Bloggy Award for lack of User Info since it is a personal blog but despite this fact let me say that subjectively this blog desreves one. Unfortunately we can’t be entirely subjective in reviewing blogs right?

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