Hot Dog Spot

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Hot Dog Spot

The search for the best hot dog in Los Angeles is on…and you’re gonna read about it!

Visual Aesthetics – 7

I love their sweating hotdog logo and their use of vintage graphics throughout the site, but the rest of the blog seems bland and flat. The right column should be separated out from the main content plus they could use some rounded or lifted edges to give the site some visual depth.

User Friendliness – 6

The right navigation has links to all their hotdog stand reviews, plus their 2004 Top Los Angeles Hot Dog Award. However, this section could be updated considering that its now 2006.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

While it isn’t updated very frequently, the site is a pleasure to read. These guys have a passion for hotdogs and that passion shines through. There’s also an endearing sense of humor that pervades the site. I mean, think about it…grown men slobbering over hot dogs!

Useful Info – 6

The information is useful for hot dog lovers who find themselves in Los Angeles, but for the rest of us…well, let’s just say we can only salivate from a distance.

Overall Experience – 6

This blog has a lot of urealized potential. It’s definitely a one of a kind niche site and it’s also clear that this is a work of love. However, Los Angeles is a big place so I’m not sure why the frequency of posting is so sparse. I could see the site benefiting from more frequent updates and more features like “Best New Hot Dog Spot of the Month” awards. Best of all, they could take it national.