It’s Raining Noodles!


It’s Raining Noodles!

It’s raining noodles, indeed! This pink-themed blog, written by Angelique, is characteristic of one authored by your typical teenaged young lady. The writing is sometimes angst-filled, and sometimes full of elation- in short, reflective of whatever emotions and feelings the author is currently into. Angelique muses on life in general in “tiny” Singapore, school life, and the typical day-to-day living for someone her age. You’d be surprised, though, at the depth at which Angelique gets to discuss issues at hand!

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The blog is themed with a minimalist pink and grey on white theme, which is very easy on the eyes. The contrast level is above average, so those with poor eyesight won’t have any trouble reading Angelique‘s raves and rants on life. The author is also fond of attaching relevant imagery on most of her blog posts, so you won’t have to always rely on your imagination to visualize what she’s talking about.

User Friendliness – 9

The blog has good navigation features, with easy links to the homepage (by clicking the blog title image), archives, and links. There is also an easy link to email an article, and this would prove helpful, especially since a lot of Angelique‘s writings are likely to be interesting to the reader. The author also likes to highlight important points in her articles in pink, which adds to the ease in reading her posts, especially the longer ones.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

You won’t tire of reading Angelique’s material because each post is essentially a peek into the author’s life. This is what a blog was originally intended to be- a web-journal. And it’s very easy to see that the author puts much time and effort into sharing something about her day- virtually everyday. Also, you can glean from how readers respond in the comment threads that they find Angelique‘s posts worth talking about.

Useful Info – 9

If you’re interested about teenage life and living, then you’d find the author’s daily musings useful enough. I don’t think the same goes for other readers who are more into other things, though. But the comment threads speak for themselves- a lot seem to be interested about what Angelique has to say.

Overall Experience – 9

Raining noodles is one blog that you just might visit and become addicted to.