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Nice Mugs

Nice Mugs – Hot Coffee Girl

Go get a nice hot cup of coffee before sitting down in front of your computer to read this blog. A personal blog this one is written with much wit and a great sense of humor.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Simple but very nice looking. Not too many images inserted between posts but the color scheme and really cool Hot Coffee Girl cartoon on the sidebar makes up for it.

User Friendliness – 9

Fast loading time. Readable text. Easy to distinguish links. I felt silly looking for the archives. The wit was almost lost on me. I feel stupid. Note to other less witty readers: It’s in the Leftovers. No categories used. I like the way Hot Coffee Girl updates her posts by putting a comment at the end.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Great content. Make sure you read the Best Brews. I still couldn’t decide whether I like Knife on the Wall or the Governor Wigglebutt story better. Hot Coffee Girl is sure one hot writer. Her writings elicit the emotions they were meant to. By reading just a few of her posts I felt really sad, introspective, nostalgic, guilty, and cracked-up happy… not a single boring post so far.

Useful Info – 7

Not much useful information here as most personal and literary blogs go. A few useful and interesting stuff to be garnered from some posts. I did find out about BookCrossing though and that to me, and most probably a lot of people, is very good information.

Overall Experience – 9

A personal blog with so many good stories it feel sometimes feels like a literary blog. I definitely enjoyed this blog. Nice mugs. Nice blog.

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